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So, I have been residing in Missouri for around a year, and my ex-husband has refused to return our son from Texas. I came to David’s firm for immediate and aggressive action. Although our case is not in a courtroom and we are merely at the beginning of my case, the work has been thorough, and he has been honest about what to expect. He has been phenomenal at helping me understand the difference in family law in comparison to Texas as well. I am very hopeful and feel very confident in his ability to follow through with what he has said
is possible.

Amanda Woods

David is very knowledgeable and he will prepare you for the way the judge will treat/handle your case. I find this very important because it’s so easy to allow emotions in on a case when that needs to be left out. David’s secretary is a sweetheart and is quick at responding to set up appointments. I’m continuing to use David Meyer as my attorney and I strongly recommend his firm.

Arielle Hartley

I met David in 2014 when he helped me with a name change, then later with drawing up a will and a Revocable Trust. I was so impressed by him, he is so nice. It doesn’t take long to feel like you are talking with a friend. He was always easy to reach if I had a question. It seems like I used email quite a bit but we spoke on the phone as well. If I ever have a need in the future that is within David’s expertise, I can’t imagine going to any other attorney. I will recommend him to everyone I know.

Justin Mooce